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Here are some details of past projects we've done. If you click on the Read More link for each project you can see a photo gallery of the projects as they were being done.

This is the forward edge of residential and commercial construction, Insulated Concrete Form of ICF. This construction method requires “out of the box” thinking with the ability to interface ICF building construction with the practical application of the Electrical Code. By design this project is an above the norm challenge which has been met with a commitment to excellence. It is worthy to note that every aspect of this project is “client customized” as a design build construction process engineered electrical by Commercial One.

SAM 0640

The 181.44 kW array at the 14th Street Parking Deck is comprised of 756 solar PV modules. The array was installed on a custom-built steel support structure, with 20 rows of panels angled at 15°. Set atop a six story parking garage in downtown Richmond,

Commercial One holds the 14th Street installation as one of our highest solar installation achievements.

SAM 0502


- The 14th street array is visible from Interstate 95 and exemplifies a visible commitment to renewable energy in the State of Virginia.

- 14th St. is the 4th largest solar installation in the state of Virginia.

Using over 1,000 solar modules, the Virginia Distribution Center's 234.752 kW array creates vast amounts of clean energy every day. The custom roof mounted structure will produce over 7 million kilowatt hours for the Commonwealth of Virginia over the life of the array, netting tremendous utility savings. The PV array at VDC serves as a great example of how commercial solar can offset a significant portion of the warehouses' electrical usage. By generating green power on-site for at least the next 25-years at VDC, the Commonwealth of Virginia will avoid an equivalent of over 4,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

SAM 0499

- VDC is the 3rd largest solar installation in the state of Virginia.

As a result of a routine inspection this equipment which provides electrical service to several RRHA buildings was determined to be in disrepair due to the build up of contaminants.


Commercial One

Was contracted to remove these


Solar energy arrays are often not visible to most from the ground. However, Million Air's 242.88 kW solar project is seen by thousands of travelers everyday flying in and out of Richmond International Airport. As the second largest solar project in the State and first Virginia airport to use photovoltaics, Million Air's private charter will hedge against rising energy cost for more than two decades. The system is located on three separate aircraft hangars and provides a visible commitment to sustainability for the Capital Regional Airport Commission. In addition to the system design and engineering, as the Electrical Contractor Commercial One completed this project on schedule and within budget. Over the warrantied life of the array, the PV system is expected to produce over 6.8 million kilowatt hours and produce staggering environmental offsets.

SAM 0474

Million Air is the 2nd largest solar installation in the state of Virginia

This project for the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority was a challenge from the perspective of Datacenter specifics since we had to take a space previously occupied by two offices and build a fireproof Datacenter...... the MIDDLE of an occupied office building.



Commercial One handled all the power and data work including building a custom Relay Panel which enables all power to be disconnected in case of emergency

SAM 0269-659

A Data Center is the foundational building infrastructure of data transmission for municipal and private sector entities looking towards the future. This project required fire rated installations, isolated grounding, specialized lighting control, relay controlled emergency power off, and a power bus system that allow the customer to reconfigure per their changing needs.