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Commercial One is pleased to offer our clients a full suite of power, voice and data services for residential, commercial and industrial applications.We are the one stop certified provider for all of your power and communications needs. Whether it’s in a family home or in a heavy industrial complex, Commercial One is ready to provide the highest quality services you need in a timely cost effective manner.


  • Service Upgrades- Electrical services will require upgrades due to increased electrical loads, changing needs, and antiquated existing services. A modern code compliant service can add a substancial value and level of saftey to your home or business.
  • Electrical System Inspection- A complete and thorough inspection of your home or business electrical system will alert you to possible saftey concerns, determine the system capabilities, and help to define preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Service Agreement- exclusivley offered to our preferred clients this plan provides an umbrella of protection, discounted services, and security in knowing that help is but a phone call away.
  • Generator Sales, Service, and Installation- Providing our clients with sales, service, and installation for a wide selection of quality generators is peace of mind as we experience unavoidable power outages due to adverse weather.
  • Solar Installation- As the advent of solar power increases Commercial One will continue to raise the standard for quality, code compliance, and energy efficiency. Residential, commercial, or industrial solar saves money, provides energy independence, and secures our future.
  • System Surge Protection- Our ever growing load of electrical usage will continue to increase the fluctuations coming into each home and business. As many industry leaders call on the Electrical Contractor to provide front line protection against the most damaging of these fluctuations…the ELECTRICAL SURGE, Commercial One responds. As a ECCN Contracor we have partnered with the Eaton Corporation to provide our cliens with the highest level of protection against the damages caused by electrical surges.
  • DATA Systems- In the ever evolving world of low voltage data communications systems the home owner is no longer the least to be concerned with cabling infrastructure. Hardwired computer networks, high definition TV, surround sound, and household automation offer unsurpassed dependability. Other companies claim to be on the cutting edge of these technologies... Commercial One is this edge.
  • Voice Communication Systems- Whole house intercom, and business phone systems are just two examples of voice interactive communication. As the advancments of man continue to exceelerate in this area so shall Commercial One.
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