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Letters of Recommendation

Below you will find letters of recommendation regarding the quality of our work.
Please note that these are individual letters and in no way, shape or form represent an endorsment of the respective municipalities.


Mr. Elliott, City of Richmond Inspector wrote this prior to retirement.

Mr. Elliott was a sharp Inspector who's respect was to be earned.

elliot letter

Mr. Bob Hussey, City of Richmond Senior Electrical  Inspector wrote this 8/11/95.

Inspector Hussey helped me to acquire an in-depth understanding of “practical code application”.


hussey letter

Mr. Ted Dzierzek was my mechanic prior to becoming the Senior Electrical Inspector for Henrico County.

Ted and I remained friends until he relocated out of state.

Letter of   commendation dated August 16,1995.

dzierzek letter

 Mr. Shiles is the HVAC Technician for Virginia Union University.
Having had the pleasure to work with Mr. Shiles to resolve many repair and maintenance issues
on campus this emailed testimonial was an unsolicited response to continued service to this great institution.

shiles letter

Mr. Sienko represents the many residential clients that we serve.
As with each client Mr. Sienko’s electrical issues were unique,
therefore, with attentiveness to his concerns his comments defined our performance.

sienko letter